Fixing your Kindle Fire after it got dropped

Posted in Kindle on February 14th, 2012 by admin4235523

The Kindle Fire has been out a while now and more and more people have mistakenly dropped this device. Apparently there are some options on getting a broken screen fixed:

  • Get a replacement screen. You can find them around USD 60
  • Call Amazon. As can be seen in this thread, Amazon seems to be accomodating customers with a USD 100 replacement Kindle Fire, Amazon Discussion
  • Does anyone have experience getting his Kindle Fire repaired?

    Kindle Fire dropped from 3 and 4 feet

    Posted in Kindle on November 23rd, 2011 by admin4235523

    Just as the new Kindle Fire was released, we couldn’t wait to drop it. The interesting part is that the new Kindle Fire comes with Gorilla Glass. So we are even more curious to see how durable it is. 5 drops, 3 feet high onto concrete. One drop was performed from 4 feet and all of them without any special protection. The result was astonishing.
    The Kindle Fire survived all the drops from 3 feet with very limited cosmetic damage. Even dropping it face down on the concrete did nothing. The Gorilla glass was tough and there were no real scratches. Only the plastic edged corners and rear got a little dirty and scratched. As the first drop was a little bit foul we tried a second one from 3 feet and again, the glass remained intact. But how good could this Gorilla Glass really be?
    We tried it face down from 4 feet and this one foot more made the difference – the screen cracked completely. No different to any other device. The Gorilla lost. At least the digitizer and display survived so after a glass exchange this Kindle Fire can be used again.

    Overall result:

    Good scratch and drop protection from 3 feet. Unexpectedly shattered from 4 feet. We strongly recommend getting some protection from the available Kindle Fire protective case selection from Amazon!

    Drop Height Damage
    Face Up 3′ scratches on back plastic cover
    Face Down 3′ no damage on screen only dust
    Sideways 3′ scratches and dents on side plastic cover
    Face Down 4′ cracked screen

    Here we have the video documenting the Kindle Fire drop:

    Kindle Drop Test

    Posted in Kindle on May 9th, 2011 by admin4235523

    It appears that Amazon has done some significant drop testing with the Kindle as can be seen on the following website: Kindle Drop Test. It is about a 3 foot drop on a hard marble surface.

    There are no statements about the functionality afterwards. Users on the Amazon website are complaining as the video gives the illusion that the Kindle is fine after the drop and appereantly to their experience it is not.

    Maybe you will see a more detailed Kindle drop test here soon….